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About Us: Dr. Ursula Eid

Dr. Ursula Eid

Hall of Fame 2020 Laureate

“Where wastewater treatment is inadequate, hygiene is often below standard and scarce water resources are polluted and wasted. In this way, inadequate, as well as inappropriate, water treatment incurs considerable costs.”

Dr. Ursula Eid is a prominent German politician and a champion for Water and Sanitation.

As the final Chair of the UN Secretary-General Advisory Board, Dr. Ursula Eid, served on the Board from its inception in 2004. Before becoming Chair in June 2014, she ensured the smooth management of UNSGAB’s internal and external affairs as Vice-Chair, together with the Board Secretariat. Being a former Parliamentary State Secretary with long-standing experience in international development and African affairs, her convening power helped leverage partnerships and cooperation. Her effective liaison with various governments resulted in financial support, the hosting of UNSGAB meetings, and strong support, particularly from Germany, for a significant number of substantive issues. Dr. Eid has been a passionate and outspoken advocate for sanitation, de-tabooing the topic and promoting sanitation in schools. She championed the International Year of Sanitation (2008) and spearheaded the creation of a well-used “Sanitation Drive to 2015 Planners’ Guide”. All this ultimately laid the foundation for the Deputy Secretary-General’s “Call to Action on Sanitation” in 2013 and the UN resolution “Sanitation for All” in the same year, which officially designated 19 November as World Toilet Day.

Her ideas, vision and advocacy were crucial in helping shape a robust future global response to water and sanitation challenges. 

The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) presented her with the Distinguished Associate Award in 2012, for her commitment to worldwide clean drinking water and basic sanitation. In 2013, she was also an ardent advocate rallying support for the adoption of the UN “Water for All” Resolution tabled by Singapore for the unanimous adoption of 19 Nov as the official UN World Toilet Day.

Today, we honour her for a lifetime dedication to improving the state of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene globally.