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Toilet Exhibition @Singapore Science Center

Toilet Exhibition @
Singapore Science Center

In collaboration with WTO, Singapore Science Centre has launched a Toilet Exhibition that is dedicated to improving awareness about proper hygiene and sanitation around the world as well as the science and biology of human waste. This exhibition will be held from Nov 2019 to Nov 2024 with its targeted audience being families with children (aged 9 & above) and also consists of 5 main zones that are complemented with 3D visuals to entertain as well as educate the public about the aforementioned issues throughout the exhibition.

Zones 0, 1 and 2 will feature the scientific explanations regarding human waste (how it is generated, vented from the body and the transmission routes of pathogens into the human body), the growing importance of hygiene and clean water as well as the consequences of poor sanitation around the world. 

In Zones 3 and 4, the audience will also be able to learn about Singapore’s journey towards greater hygiene levels and the improvements made to its sanitation system through the years as well as the future outlook and prospects pertaining to hygiene and sanitation, going forward.