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World Toilet Summit Melbourne (Past Coverage)

World Toilet Summit Melbourne

Melbourne Convention Centre

World Toilet Summit is a unique global platform bringing together sanitation stakeholders annually for a cross-sector collaboration. The 2-day Conference and Exhibition will be hosted by World Toilet Organization in partnership with the Australian Water Association. Inaugurating for the first time in Australia, Melbourne will the 12th host city to continue a 16-year legacy.

The conference and expo aims to provoke an improvement towards global sanitation and hygiene through a collaborative approach between Government, Corporate, Non-profit, Civil and Academic sectors. A blend of urban and rural issues will be featured through local and international keynotes, panel discussions and workshops with the aim of coming up with real, implementable solutions and deep partnerships. Key issues surrounding indigenous communities in Australia and the Pacific Islands aim to be addressed through multi-sector co-operation on sustainable development. Innovators and key game-changers will exhibit solutions to delegates and trade visitors over the 2 full days.

World Toilet Summit started in 2001 with a mission to bring sanitation higher on the global agenda. Since then it has garnered interest of major politicians including Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, who has championed the ”Clean India Mission”. Credible partners such as UNICEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Rotary International have transformed their Water & Sanitation programs through collaborations at past summits.

We welcome Australia to share, learn and advocate through the 16th edition of this international event, which appropriately follows the pathbreaking UN World Toilet Day on 19th of November.