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About Us: Jack Sim

Prof Dr. Jack Sim

Founder & Director

“When I began my work in 2001, there were 2.4 billion people without access to proper sanitation which then increased to 2.6 billion. Now, it is 2.4 billion and going down… We cannot stop until every single human being on the planet has access to proper sanitation wherever they are.”

Jack Sim (simplified Chinese: 沈锐华; traditional Chinese: 沈銳華; pinyin: Shěn Ruìhuá, born 1957) is the founder of the Restroom Association of Singapore, the World Toilet Organization, the World Toilet Day initiative and Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) Hub. Formerly from the construction industry, he decided to devote the rest of his life to social work after attaining financial independence at the age of 40.

In 2001, for “creating goodwill and bringing the subject into the open” and “mobilizing national support in providing on-the-ground expertise” he received the Schwab Foundation award for Social Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2007, Jack was elected a Fellow of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, and also became one of the key members to convene the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance which is composed of key players in the sanitation space.

Jack was named one of the Heroes of the Environment for 2008 by Time magazine. He also founded the BOP HUB and a series of social businesses and startups. He is now constructing a 65,000 sq ft World Trade Center for the Poor in Singapore to coordinate an effort to transform the 4 billion poor into a massively efficient marketplace to end global poverty.