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Rainbow School Toilet (project)

Rainbow School Toilet

In 2015, President Xi Jinping realized that most rural areas in China are still using the traditional dry toilet system and called for a “Toilet Revolution”.  With the aim of inspiring positive, long-lasting behavioral change among students in rural China, WTO began its Rainbow School Toilet Initiative in 2015.

​Many school toilets in rural China face problems of having old, unhygienic dry system toilets, absent handwashing facilities, and are often designed where the excreta disposal site is located right behind the toilet building – uncovered and exposed to the environment.

Often, these schools lack a cohesive management system to upkeep and maintain the facilities, resulting in the toilet falling into a state of disrepair and neglect. This, coupled with students who do not practise good hygiene habits, like handwashing with soap, can result in long-lasting health and environmental consequences. With the ultimate aim of inspiring positive, long-lasting behavioural change among Chinese students, WTO’s Rainbow School Toilet Initiative was initiated.

Yangling primary school upgraded with container school toilets

Pictures of the Yaling 1st secondary school, one of the old toilets is upgraded recently to modern toilet facilities, however, they are still using one of the old toilets, pictures of the old toilets are below:

Pictures of the newly upgraded block Yaling 1st secondary school. The school has a strength of 1187 students and need funds to upgrade remaining blocks.