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Little Mr And Miss Toilets (Past Coverage)

Little Mr And Miss Toilets

“Now, all of us [teachers and students] are little Mr and Miss Toilet!”, declared Principal Kang during his inspirational speech at the opening ceremony of our latest completed Rainbow School Toilet (RST) project in Ya Ling 2nd Secondary School, in Yichuan. Dedicated principals like Principal Kang are one of the criteria we look for during our selection of schools for RST, as their dedication often reflects their attitude towards hygiene and the upkeep and management of the school environment.

This had proven itself during our visits to the initial RST projects completed in 2015/2016. Most of them were well-maintained (with one that looked as good as new) while another one or two RSTs that requires improvement in their maintenance, of which we will continue to check on those principals and schools.

Besides this, we are proud to launch our new Rainbow School Toilet – Container version, in Yang Ling Primary School! We have engaged a Chinese company to produce our first ever RST in a shipping container form which gives us several benefits. They are useful for smaller schools in more rural areas where labour and material transportation would be more troublesome, as these toilets are mobile and easily movable. Special thanks to Shandong Company for your donation of our first RST – Container.

We look forward to creating more partnerships with schools and donors to inspire more little Mr and Miss Toilets in China!