Rainbow school Toilet Project in China.

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About Rainbow School Initiative

Many school toilets in rural China face problems of having old, unhygienic dry system toilets, absent hand washing facilities, and are often designed where the excreta disposal site is located right behind the toilet building – uncovered and exposed to the environment.

Often, these schools lack a cohesive management system to upkeep and maintain the facilities, resulting in the toilet falling into a state of disrepair and neglect. This coupled with students who do not practice good hygiene habits, like handwashing with soap, can result in long-lasting health and environmental consequences.

With the ultimate aim of inspiring positive, long-lasting behavioural change among Chinese students, WTO inaugurated the Rainbow School Toilet Initiative in the People’s Republic of China with the generous support of a private donor in 2015.

Happy toilets, healthy children!

To build clean and hygienic toilets for every school in China for all students so as to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Rainbow School Toilet builds the infrastructure of modern flushing toilets while also providing hygiene education to encourage the students to form good hygiene habits and maintain these new toilets well. We construct the toilets in two different forms, one in cement, and one in a container. Rainbow School Toilet - Cement, is meant for schools with a larger number of students, whereas the Container toilets are for smaller schools / teaching points in more rural areas.

Old toilets at one school in Henan.

The same school, but with new Rainbow School Toilets!

Free toilet paper for the first year.

Exterior of Rainbow School Toilet.

Partners for Rainbow School Toilet:

• Kun Shan Yu Ting Foundation (KSYT - Jiang Su), which provides free toilet paper to beneficiary schools.
• Soap Cycling from Hong Kong University, which provides free soap to beneficiary schools.
• Hua Jie Environment Engineering Co.Ltd (Shang Hai), which provides mobile toilets as a temporary alternative to beneficiary schools during the construction period.
• Wei Ai Er Sheng, which provided us with volunteers to conduct the hygiene awareness education.
• Poo-Pourri (USA), who sponsored one of the Rainbow School Toilet that is currently in construction.
• Shan Dong Jin Ming Eco Technology Ltd, which sponsored our first Rainbow School Toilet Container prototype.

4,971 students from 10 schools

Please contact rainbowtoilet@worldtoilet.org to find out more about Rainbow School Toilet Initiative if you are interested to come on board with our work!




通常学校没有相关厕所保养和维护制度,所以导致校厕年久失修; 又加上在校学生们没有养成好的卫生习惯(比如说便后用香皂洗手)等等。以上所述各种问题,会导致长期的环境和健康方面的不良后果。

于2015年8月, 在我们慷慨的私人捐赠者的无私资助下,WTO发起了彩虹校厕计划,并将帮助中国农村地区学生改善卫生环境,养成健康、持久的卫生习惯作为项目的最终目标!










联络方式: 如果您有意加入我们的行列或想询问更多“彩虹校厕计划”的情况,请邮件联rainbowtoilet@worldtoilet.org, 谢谢!